A compact Voltage Controlled Oscillator designed for generating SINE waves, Variable wave-SHAPEs, SUB-Octaves, Oscillator SYNC and Linear FM in the analog domain. The Sub-Timbral Oscillator is the more subtle and melodic friend to the DPO's complex harmonic lattice.


  • Width: 8hp
  • Max Depth: 30mm
  • Power:
    40mA @ +12V
    30mA @ -12V
  • $199
  • Where to buy
  • manual:
  • STOManual.pdf
  • sto-manual-japanese.pdf
  • features

    • Triangle Core with outputs for SINE, SUB and Variable SHAPE

    • Unique Variable SHAPE circuit ripples Even and Odd harmonics for subtle timbral shifts

    • Linear FM input with Depth control

    -EXPOnential input for deep FM, SYNC sweeps or Transposition of sequences

    • SUB-Oscillator yields max bass

    • S-Gate input for gating or sync of SUB-Osc. independent of other outputs

    • Hard SYNC circuit which combined with Linear FM and Variable SHAPE yields harmonically rich sounds

    • Pairs well with the MMG or Optomix